Multiple (150+) social housing PV FiT installations + several larger arrays on blocks of flats

    Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 Supplying smart meters and SIM cards
    Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 Installing smart meters and other equipment
    Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 Tracking kWh generation and PV performance
    Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 Collating  FiT figures (in the correct format)
    Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 Follow-up support and problem solving


An ongoing (into its third year) program of PV roll-out for TCHG under its Sustainability and Design & Quality program. The installations are clustered in several communities across Kent – from Dover up to Tunbridge Wells.

Energence tracks the kWh generation and performance of the PV panels bringing the data up on the Energy Monitoring Platform. Town & Country have a PV maintenance contractor and automated emails are sent to them to alert them if any installation fails or drops in performance.

Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 The Platform displays the PV installs in easy to manage geographical groups.
Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 Performance and failures are colour coded for immediate recognition.
Energence_logo_3_bullet 2 Quarterly FiT readings are downloadable in TCHG FiT provider (Good Energy) format.

    Energence delivers a number of other projects for TCHG, and also provides general advice & guidance about renewable/low-carbon equipment monitoring and performance evaluation.
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TCHG Innovation and improvement


Graph comparing actual PV generation against expected (PVGIS)

'Town & Country has worked very closely with Energence for several years on a range of projects. They have been pro-active in problem solving and analysing data. Their project management is excellent and their knowledge base extensive.' - Paul White, Design & Quality Manager, TCHG