YHA-logo-4Youth Hostel Association

We’ve been monitoring six PV installs for the YHA for ten years – for the FiT and so they can check the health of the arrays. Also the big biomass boiler at their headquarters in Matlock for the RHI.


Their Energy Monitoring Platform dashboard is branded with the YHA logo. This can be used as a display in their reception areas to show visitors how much the PV and biomass has generated – with the interactive graphs and key data.


We’re also monitoring the grid import and any PV export at four of the sites and combine this additional data into the graphing.
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The YHA can download a pdf PV and biomass performance and financial analysis report.
They can have a transparent assessment of the PV FiT investment because we calculate:
a) Performance of PV during time of operation.
b) PV performance including time offline when faulty.