Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (Kirklees Council) has a well deserved and long established reputation for progressing renewable and energy efficiency in their housing stock. They have re-roofed hundreds of their properties with PV that has helped meet their sustainability and carbon reduction objectives as well as directly benefitting tenants through reduced electricity bills.


Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing also claim the Feed-In-Tariff – so the PV needs to be properly monitored for due diligence and best practice. The Energence Energy Monitoring Platform provides them with a sophisticated dashboard for tracking their PV portfolio. We always provide ongoing back-up support and troubleshooting for any telemetry and quality control issues.




The performance of the PV is automatically compared against EU benchmark data. The collated performance of all the Eastway PVs is 105%.


Individual installs can be selected and checked in details.

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Any installation that fails, or drops in performance, is flagged up on the Platform (colour coded) and an automated email alert is sent to the designated Kirklees officer.

PV can fail through inverter “wave” overload – tripping the switch. This isn’t the fault of the panels or the installation but something that just happens periodically. If array failure isn’t immediately picked up on then it will result in lost FiT revenue and the tenants will not be benefitting from the free PV electricity.

Arrays also go offline for telemetry reasons when broadband providers like O2 or Vodafone do things to transmitters, or a construction crane get hoisted up right in line with the building. Even heavy rain can mess up telemetry.

Sometimes tenants damage or interfere with meters and inverters, and when electricians do work in the properties they will turn off the PV for safety reasons – but forget to turn it back on.

In these situations we are not a passive view monitoring service. We continually liaise with our clients to identify issues and come up with solutions. We systematically analyse the data (Energence Analystics) and feedback findings to our clients.