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Designed to minimize officers and project managers workloads – and as a web-platform does not interfere with internal IT systems. Each installation has its own unique Birth Certificate for easy FiT/RHI and ongoing maintenance administration.

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The Energy Monitoring Platform PV FiT package includes a MID/Ofgem certified “smart” meter with a “roaming” SIM card. Once the PV system is energised then the SIM cards searches around for the strongest broadband signal and latches onto it for the kWh data transmission. Heat pumps, solar thermal and biomass monitoring uses data-loggers with MID/Ofgem certified meters.

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Our social housing clients with lots of small PV installs usually just need a daily kWh reading to ensure due diligence, but larger PV arrays (and biomass plants etc) need half-hour readings over a day for accurate analysis.

For really complicated monitoring projects then we will use a data-logger that can go right down to 1 minute readings.

The main dashboard shows kWh readings, FiT revenue, and performance to date and for the previous day, and is accessible on tablets and smart phones as well as desktops.

The graph shows the actual PV generation against the PVGIS benchmark. Failing or poor performing installs are flagged up for quick reference. Clients can also download a kWh/revenue performance pdf report for the Master or for individual addresses.

Installations are grouped into Master projects for easy checking and administration, and individual installs/addresses are selected from the list for closer inspection.

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Equipment details and parameters

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Each install has its own Birth Certificate with a message board for residents and for updating info

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PV failure or poor performance email alerts can be set to go to different people after a set number of days.
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PV performance alert settings. Download FiT figures and other data in Excel and CSV format.
lightbox titleAutomated PV failure email alert. Email alert also sent if PV performance drops below setting – see image opposite.
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If a grid import/PV export meter is installed the Platform calculates the PV used and the total electrical demand.

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Security and Data Protection

Energence is registered with the UK Data Commissioner’s Office and adheres to requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Data Protection registration number: Z3237405.

We never pass personal data or information onto any third party without our clients clear permission.

All platform user login accounts are encrypted and the web-platform has anti-hacking software built in.

There are automated disaster recovery and data protection mechanisms in place. The EM Platform and collated data is backed up every 24 hours onto two separate servers, and the actual monitored kWh (or whatever) data securely held in the “cloud”.