ealing-logo-2 Ealing Council – the “Ealing Condition”

Confirming compliance with the “Merton Rule”, the Code for Sustainable Homes/BREEAM, and Mayor of London’s and Scottish Government’s energy policies

All new building developments in Ealing are required to meet the Mayor of London’s energy and CO2 reduction targets. To meet these targets developers invariably need to install some renewable/low-carbon energy systems. Ealing Council’s Planning department have chosen Energence to provide them with a sophisticated web-platform for confirming compliance with these energy/CO2 targets.Developers are required through the Ealing Planning process to install meters to any renewable/low-carbon systems. The data is sent each night to the Energy Monitoring Platform. By doing this Ealing officers are able to build a robust evidence base on the performance and most suitable deployment of renewable/low-carbon systems.

As of 9 January 2013 Ealing Council requires all applicants / developers submitting major development proposals to undertake monitoring post-construction to demonstrate compliance with the energy policies of the Local Plan. To assist developers / applicants in satisfying this requirement, the council have procured a platform / mechanism in the form of an Automated Energy Monitoring Platform (AEMP).

The developers are relaxed about the monitoring requirement because they would be monitoring them to claim Feed-In-Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive anyway. It also provides them with a marketing angle for homes and commercial development.

Some local Planning Authorities implement a straight Merton Rule approach, which requires new development to cut CO2 emissions by a set percent using onsite renewable, while others require new buildings to meet a Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM target. Some London boroughs, like Ealing, implement the Mayor’s energy policy 5A.

Either way, the renewable/low-carbon equipment needs monitoring for the policies to have been fully implemented on behalf of the residents of their borough.

The Ealing monitoring requirement has been in place for a year, and when the new developments get built we will be monitoring over 500 dwelling, several blocks of flats, hotels and shopping precincts, schools, commercial units, and leisure facilities.

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